Exhibition Details

The first Three Billboards have been papered up in Gorey, Co Wexford and will be exhibited for two weeks. The first three exhibiting artists are as follows: 

Genieve Figgis (invited artist) Billboard by Railway Bridge, Dublin Road 

Bernadette Doolan  Billboard by Roundabout at Railway Station

Denise Kehoe Billboard by Railway Bridge, Esmonde Street

Genieve Figgis – Guest Artist: “Day out with Birds” (2020) 

Dublin born Figgis was a student of Gorey School  of Art progressing to NCAD Dublin finishing with a Master in Fine Arts. From the outset Figgis has played with the culture of upper class luxury portrayed in the art canon by artists such as Diego Velasquez, Francisco Goya, Fragonard, Eduard Manet, James Ensor and Francois Boucher. Her use of Twitter to display her artwork in 2014 caught the attention of American Artist Richard Prince who introduced Figgis into the New York art scene. Since then her works have been shown in several solo and group exhibitions across Ireland, Britain, Europe, Canada, the United States including Art Brussels in 2017. She has also twice produced art in conjunction with the Metropolitan Opera, New York. 

“Day out with Birds” (2020) 

“Painted over the long months of COVID-19 confinement Genieve Figgis’s conjuring of Imaginary Friends (the title of her solo exhibition in Almine Rech Gallery, London includes “Day out with Birds”) came forth to fill the social void. Inspired by group pictures, found photographs, snippets of social media and even period costume drama “Catherine the Great,” Figgis immersed herself in lush scenes in the genre of social portraiture. Her signature sign of figuration, with its dynamic swirls of paint and atmospheric renderings of ornate scenes deftly constructs this lost social fabric that we collectively pine for” [ Alison M. Gingeras, courtesy of Almine Rech Gallery, London]

Bernadette Doolan: “About Games and New Sandals”

Bernadette Doolan lives in Wexford. Winner of best overall work by a non-Academician in The Royal Ulster Academy annual exhibition in 2015 and prizewinner again in 2018. Award winner with the Society of Women Artists UK (2019) and shortlisted for the Ruth Borchard self-portrait exhibition in 2019. Bernadette’s work has been exhibited in Ireland and China, Art Beijing 2021, Nepal and France. Her work is held in public and private collections. She was invited to be an Associate Member by the Society of Women Artists in London (ASWA). 

“About Games and New Sandals” 

“My work is representative of memories of childhood and how nostalgia is carried with us as adults. One of the few absolutes we share as adults is childhood. We can share objects from our childhood, and these objects can catapult us back to a particular emotional state, our senses heightened we can recall smell and tastes vividly. We know the feeling of new sandals or shoes before the material softens. I spent most of my childhood on skates, beginning with slow clunky hand-me-down ones that sounded like bean cans on the tarmac, to progressing to boot skates with stoppers and rainbows. I felt on top of the world. This work depicts memories from childhood and connects us through a sharing of memory and emotion.” 

“About Games and New Sandals” is painted in oil on deep canvas, unframed and it is for sale.

info@bernadettedoolan.com / www.bernadettedoolan.com

Denise Kehoe: “Bottle”


Denise Kehoe hails from Wexford and is a graduate of Fine Arts from The Crawford College of Art & Design. She also holds an MA in Book Arts from The Cambridge School of Art. Her work has been exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. Residencies include Tenjinyama Art Studio, Hokkaido (2019), Block Chain, Chapel Arts Studio (2018), Metal, Peterborough (2019) and The Butler Gallery, Kilkenny (2020). Recent exhibitions include: Unrequited Like, Phoenix, Brighton, The Letchworth Open, Broadway Gallery, Oillipheist, Ormston House and Extuin, Utrecht.


Bottle explores the mythology and desire perpetuated by advertising in our consumerist saturated culture. Exploring the gap between expectation and reality, the elementary execution of the work satirises the allure of advertising and commodity to reveal it’s own falsehood. The piece dreams of a world where capitalism is powerless. 

This piece can be purchased as a Jpeg for €20; an A3 print for €50 and as an A2 print for €40. 

Instagram: @denisekehoe1

Website: http://denisekehoe12.wixsite.com/mysite 

14th July

From 14th July the following artists will be exhibiting for two weeks: 

Deirdre Burke Billboard by Railway Bridge, Dublin Road 

Luke Kenny Billboard by Roundabout at Railway Station 

Jamie Lemoine Billboard by Railway Bridge, Esmonde Street

Luke Kenny: “Swallow”

“The swallow for me symbolises summer. They arrive when they need to, without any introduction. With the last couple of years being arguably the roughest in decades for Ireland, it’s important we look to the summer and the swallow for brighter things to come, for the Irish people and myself. I live near the coast, beside Courtown and this is the second year I’ve tried to catch the swallows in flight. Through the meadows they fly moving at roughly 60km per hour; it takes patience and good tracking to capture this beautiful bird in its natural habitat. The hunt for more images of the swallow continues….” 

Image not currently for sale unless requested.  Email: lukepaulkenny93@gmail.com 

Jamie Lemoine

Jamie Lemoine is a Dublin-based artist working with photography, video and sound. Originally from San Francisco, he was an award-winning music producer there, focusing on hip-hop and electronic music. He developed his photography practice in New York where he lived and worked for 9 years. He ran a photo blog with his images of Queens, NY from 2008 – 2013. He has been based in Berlin in recent times, working on both photography and music projects, and is now located in Dublin 8.

About the Work: The photograph is part of a photo series taken in Berlin in 2013. Large building developments were underway all over Mitte at the time, the centre of Berlin. This image is of a temporary structure on one of those ever expanding development sites. 

Limited edition archival colour prints for sale. Please contact the artist for details, at hello@pondstudios.com

Deirdre Burke: “Home II”

Deirdre studied at DIT Dublin where she received a Fine Art Degree under artists Michael Kane, Alice Hanratty and Joe Hanley. She is a multidisciplinary artist whose current work brings to light the disconnection we have between our natural environment and ourselves. Burke works fluently in a variety of mediums including print, clay, paper and paint. The practice is run with attention to healthy environmental practices. Burke’s work tends to be a mixture of semi abstraction with eco political undertones. This piece was created in response to suggestions to extend the hedge cutting season, a potentially disastrous development for Irish Wildlife. Deirdre lives and works in Wicklow.

Home II is 100 x 100, an oil on canvas and for sale at €1800. 

Website: deirdreburke.dudaone.com

Email: deeburke02@gmail.com

28th July

From 28th July the following artists will be exhibiting for two weeks: 

Pamela Doyle Billboard by Railway Bridge, Dublin Road 

Aisling Clark Billboard by Roundabout at Railway Station 

Sinead Lucey Billboard by Railway Bridge, Esmonde Street

Pamela Doyle: “Biscuit” 

Doyle is an emerging artist who has studied in NCAD Dublin and the University for Creative Arts London. She has exhibited at RHA Dublin, The Royal Ulster Academy Belfast, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, The Royal Society British Artists London and the Society of Women Artists, London. 

“Biscuit” is an original oil painting 51 x 46 cm. 

Email: pameladoyleart@outlook.com

Aisling Clark: “At a Party” 

Aisling Clark (b.1997) is an artist from Kerry, based in Dublin City. In lending a filmic quality to her digital photography practice she wishes to bring about a sense of warm nostalgia. She creates imagery across the genres of still life, landscape and architectural photography, often with heightened use of colour and through a sun-tinged lens. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions at the Copper House Gallery and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. 

“At a Party” Digital photograph (2018) 

This piece is concerned with the disjunct in reality of a quiet moment alone in a bathroom at a party. 

Limited edition archival printing available, signed and numbered by the artist. 

Email: hello@aislingclark.photo 

instagram: @aislingclark 

Sinead Lucey: “Something in the Bushes..” 

Born in Cork, Sinead Lucey studied Fine Art (Painting) at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris. After living and working in Paris for 25 years she moved to Co Kilkenny. In January 2019 she received an MA in Fine Arts from the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in France and Ireland and has taught drawing and painting in several 3rd level institutions. Since moving back to Ireland she has exhibited as an invited artist at Hillsboro Fine Art Gallery Dublin and was shortlisted for the Zurich Portrait Prize 2020. 

“Something in the Bushes….” 

In my practice, paintings are experimentations about the transitions between 2D to 3D and back again. Multiple approaches: from observation, from drawings, from Imagination, from other artworks, from photo, with video projection… Each approach acts as an antidote to the previous one. In this painting, ‘Something in the Bushes’, (cropped for the billboard format), I was experimenting with scaling up and questions of less detail and bigger brushstrokes. It references Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film ‘Blow Up’ and it is an exploration of the idea of visual intrigue and the differences between photography and painting. It’s selection for reproduction in a billboard scale fits really well into this experimental process 

There are two versions of this painting, both oil on canvas, they are both for sale.

one measuring 70 x 50 cm : 900€

and another 160 x 136 cm : 4000€ 

They can be viewed at my studio in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny